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Hello Goodbye Masks

It seemed like forever when all of the shut downs started to happen. Now all of that is coming to a sudden halt. States are staring to re-open and mask madidates are starting to lift in most places. While it was a fun run of having the masks around, one can only wonder if the mask will still be used by some people. What we do know is that many hospitals, schools, and businesses are still requiring the usage of masks. To many the mask was a way of protection, a nuisance to others, and a fashion statement to many. During the time Covid-19, was in it's beginning stages many people picked up the skill for sewing and made masks to help provide them for those in need or in the medical field. Masks became the day to day apart of life. It was essential to get into most stores and it was needed to gather in small groups. While many may feel a sigh of relief to not worry about having to wear a mask, others may feel just as weird not wearing one because let's face it, how many times have any of us walked into the store felt like something was missing then finally realizing what it was. You forgot your mask and you quickly try to cover your mouth up with your hand or shirt. I'm sure it will take most of us sometime getting used to the idea of no masks after having to wear them for nearly two years. We will still be selling masks and wearing them to protect those around us. Make sure you check our selection and get them before they are gone. We have high hopes that the curve will stay flattened and we can all go back to a normal lifestyle beyond the masks.

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